Meet Coach Mitchell: Varsity Boys Basketball and Boys Golf


Coach Mitchell, Coach

I have been coaching basketball since my early twenties. I began as a middle school youth coach for the Kentucky Basketball Academy. From there I spent time as an assistant high school coach, head freshman coach and an AAU coach for 17 and under in my home state of Kentucky. My wife, son and myself relocated to Colorado where I earned a bachelor’s degree in K-12 Special Education. I served several seasons as an assistant high school then head high school coach at two separate schools. I have also been an instructor at several basketball camps in various states in the past 17 years. During my time in Colorado I served as a head boys high school golf coach.

Coaching basketball creates opportunities to help kids gain confidence. It provides student athletes with the opportunity to accomplish tasks they never thought possible by using team work and providing maximum effort. The sport of golf teaches students integrity and the importance of consistency and hard work. If you do not work on your game they’re will be no improvement. It’s a great life lesson. These are the reasons I coach.

I am constantly attending coaching clinics to learn as many useful concepts as possible. I watch hours of basketball film on a daily basis. I read books and literature about coaching concepts as well. Currently I am reading a 260 page book which talks about concepts related to the “Dribble Drive” offense. I just finished a book that speaks to 1-3-1 full court pressure defense. Often times I review coaching clinics of well-known coaches on tape as well.

I am a certified ESE and English teacher at the high school level.

Vision statement for my entire educational and athletic purpose at CCMHS- I want to empower students to reach heights they never thought possible. I want to build communities built on respect, hard work and enthusiasm. I want to build self-confidence while constantly challenging students and athletes. It is important that when my students and athletes leave my presence they’ll be better prepared for life.