Meet Coach Passardi: Girls Cross-Country


Passardi, Advisor and Coach

Your background in the sport you are coaching?

I ran XC in high school and was offered a scholarship at Saint Leo University. This will be my 4th year coaching, the first 3 were at WCHS.

Your motivation to coach the sport?

I love the atmosphere, the competition and the support. The runners cheer just as hard for the first-place kid as they do for the last-place kid. We were blessed with an amazing team and supportive parents. I am looking forward to establishing and growing that culture here, at CCMHS.

How do you improve your knowledge about the sport?  

There is so much information to learn about running, training techniques, different theories, stretches, etc. Athletes differ so what works for one may not work for another. It is an opportunity to try out different things on different people and a push to continue learning.

What are you teaching and grade level at CCMHS?

This coming school year I have 10th grade English, Yearbook, and Newspaper (journalism program).

Can you give me your vision statement for the team?

My vision is for the kids to be better people than they were the day before. For us to have a family- like environment that loves, supports, and grows together. The kids need a safe place, it’s important they have that on this team. The exercise is so good for them, we know this, the perks of belonging and being a part of something at that age are tremendous.

Anything else you want the kids to know?

You can accomplish far more than you think you are able if you keep pushing and don’t quit.