Meet Coach Patterson: High School Golf and MS Basketball


Coach Patterson, Coach

Your background in the sport you are coaching?

Because I will be coaching two different sports, I have very opposite backgrounds to a certain extent.  In golf, I began playing at age 16 and played throughout high school. Afterward, I spent many years in the golf business learning all aspects in the golf industry. This included working at a few local golf courses and even coaching the girl’s high school golf team at Gaither High School many years back. Regarding my basketball experience, I had played basketball as a youth in recreational leagues and as a young adult in some recreational leagues as well. 

 Your motivation to coach the sport?

I have a great passion for teaching kids and seeking growth and development in the classroom. This passion will help me grow and develop players in both sports. I am motivated to teach and educate kids in both sports and watch them continuously grow as players and develop a passion for the game. Learning how to play the game will not only benefit them as an athlete but will also serve as a valuable asset in the ability to network in their future careers.

How do you improve your knowledge about the sport?  

In order to improve my knowledge of both golf and basketball, I have to also become a student of the game and am open to learning drills and refining practice routines, so that the kids can benefit the most. I intend on reaching out to other basketball coaches as well, who have experience in the game so I can take back some great ideas for my players. 

What are you teaching and grade level at CCMHS?

I am very excited to be teaching 7th-grade math.

Can you give me your vision statement for the team?

My vision statement for the team is that academics will always come first. I will hold high expectations of all of my players including displaying a great attitude, concentration, and effort. Players will be expected to hustle, as well as, represent the team and our school in a professional manner at all times. These are all life skills that will not only allow them to be great athletes but great individuals later on in life.

Anything else you want the kids to know?

I am always open for the kids to come to me if they need anything.