Pack Leader Training 7/27/17


Nicki Roof and Jenny Stinfil

Upon arrival, we were given a card with a shape and color that would be used for an activity during the morning. The cards were used for a get to know everyone activity. We had 3 different rotations either matching with someone who had the same shape or color to give everyone a chance to meet their peer pack leaders.

Once everyone got to know one another, we sat in groups of 6 and learned a bit about leadership and what the coyote way means to us. We got numbered into 6 groups and we went around the room to scan codes and watched videos of people who model leadership. Each group had a different video, once the video was finished we summarized what we learned from the model and headed back to our original seats. We shared with our group what we had learned about what makes a good leader, creating a word splash to share. Everyone was given 6 dots to stick next to the traits that stood out to them.

Returning to our seats again we found papers with the school motto and mission. This leads us into talking about what being a coyote means to us. Collecting our original posters we were asked to flip them over and revise them to make specific to us as Coyotes. Part of being a Coyote is collaboration. This meant sharing our ideas to our peers. Being a leader requires you to know your way around the campus to help others. This lead to our scavenger hunt. Each of us was given a list and at each place, there was a staff member waiting for us. It was very helpful because it gave us the chance to explore all areas of the campus. We are excited to start this school year and take on the responsibility of being a model for our school.

We are excited to start this school year and take on the responsibility of being a model for our school. Be you every day, that’s the coyote way!


We had the chance to interview Mrs. Nettles and get her thoughts on the Pack Leading program:


How do you think this program will help middle schoolers, especially the up and coming sixth graders?

Not only are the parents freaked out or a little nervous about their kids being on campus with the high schoolers, but so are the middle schoolers themselves. So I believe this program is a great way for them to interact with students that have gone through the same things as them. And I don’t see high schoolers as something to be afraid of, I think that they will be able to teach the younger kids, and help them in a way that they wouldn’t have seen coming.


Do you think seeing the older kids being placed into that Pack Leader role will inspire the younger kids to do the same as they get older?

I think that it will because, at Wesley Chapel High, the ninth graders felt what it was like for someone to experience the same things that they did. And then maybe want to do the same themselves, because it’s cool and they get to help others like someone did for them.


Is there anything that you wanna add here in this program that we had at Wesley Chapel High?

Well, Pack Leading was big at Wesley Chapel so as far as anything that’s changed, we’re having eighth grade Pack Leaders for the sixth graders and the eleventh for the ninth graders.


Along with Mrs. Nettles, we had the opportunity to interview some of the students who will be Pack Leaders this year:


What are you most excited for this year in terms of Pack Leading?

Cierrah Bedgood: I’m really excited to meet the students who I’m working with and meet the teachers and just getting to know what everyone is like.

Payton Hudson:I can’t wait to just see what everyone is like, and I’m ready to set a nice environment in whatever classroom I’m placed in.

Jordan Rosenberg: I think that just being in the classroom and doing the day to day stuff is what I’m looking forward to the most.


How has this training helped you in learning more about what it means to be a leader?

Mattie Wolfman: It’s helped me realize that I have to be able to rely on other people too because being a leader is great but if you can’t let yourself depend on others then how are they going to ever be able to put their trust in you.

Payton Hudson: For me, I learned that taking risks and being open minded to new ideas is a very big part of leadership because without those things we’ll never be able to grow as people.


Being the role model for your peers in the school, how are you going to apply what you’ve learned throughout the years and implement that into the day to day aspect of being a Pack Leader?

Cierrah Bedgood: I’m just going to be myself, and hopefully teach the kids that that’s all you need to be.

Mattie Wolfman: I learned that you have to try new things in life throughout my high school years, so hopefully I can help the younger kids step out of their comfort zones.

Payton Hudson: The best thing I can show them every day is how to have fun and live in the moment, but at the same time being able to balance your priorities and responsibilities.

We are all very excited to get to know the future leaders of CCMHS, and can’t wait to start our journey as Coyotes.