Howlapalooza 2017


To see the Informational PowerPoint from Howlapalooza, go here. 


Hundreds of  Coyotes and their parents entered the Cypress Creek Middle High School’s Gymnasium to attend the first ever Howlapalooza. First, we heard from our principal, Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles. She introduced the rest of the administrative team and spoke about our teachers. She explained that teachers hired at our school think outside the box and share the same primary focus of engaging with students. She also spoke about our amazing pack leading program, where 8th & 11th grade students assist their underclassmen. Parents were given a handful of ways to stay connected the CCMHS and their child’s education, along with a short FAQ and Q&A session.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we were released to take a self-guided tour around our campus. Students could walk through the halls and see their potential classrooms. Students were also given the opportunity to check out the media center, fine arts rooms, and the cafeteria.


  • Cypress Creek Middle High School is the only school with trauma enforced care.
  • The teachers retreat created the coyote phrase- “be you every day, that’s the Coyote way.”
  • When staff announces “calling all coyotes” it is important to show your spirit by responding using the coyote hand gesture and howling.
  • You can stay connected to our school using twitter, Facebook, MyStudent, and the Howler which is our school newspaper. Please stay informed with all of our school activities as they will be kept updated there.
  • To volunteer students and parents can go to the website and scroll all the way to the right and click on volunteer to find out information on events and sign up.
  • Club fair will be held within the first few weeks of school and information will be sent out the first week of school.
  • Each teacher will be given a set of color coated hall passes based on the reason for leaving the classroom if you do not have one you are not permitted to walk the hallways during classroom times.
  • There are spirit clothes for order online for information go to our school website.



7th and 8th Grade Howlapalooza


9th-11th Howlapalooza



6th Grade Howlapalooza

What was your first thought when you stepped on campus?

“This is so big and colorful.” -Cayden Weber

What do you think would be a cool tradition to start?

“For the seniors to carve their names in the sidewalk to make their mark.” -Eve Brisk

What is your goal for this school year?

“To get all As and Bs.” -Keziah Blyden

What is something you are most looking forward to this year?

“Making new friends and meeting new teachers.” -Amelia Alicea

What are you most excited for this school year?

“Being in a bigger school with a lot more people.” -Ryan Eaton

What are you most excited about this year?

“The robotics program.” -Joshua Giraldo