Student Spotlight: 6th Grader Jasmine Moore


Ashley Gutierrez, Reporter

When asked how writing makes her feel, eleven-year-old Jasmine Moore replied, “It makes me feel like I’m in an entirely different world.” Jasmine is a sixth grader here at Cypress Creek Middle High School. Her teacher, Dani Sauerwein, gave her students the assignment to walk through a gallery of Harris Burdick’s artwork.

Burdick was an author and illustrator who brought 14 works of art to a children’s book editor named, Peter Wenders. Harris promised to come back the next day with the complete story behind all the images. He never returned to Wenders’ office again. In fact, he completely disappeared. Chris Van Allsburg came to see Peter and decided to publish the pictures. Their thought process was if they published them Harris would come forward or they would be able to find him. Burdick only left a title and a small caption under each picture, but the complete story remains unknown.

Jasmine picked the illustration titled “Archie Smith, Boy Wonder”. The caption read:

“A tiny voice asked,

“Is he the one?”

“We don’t know yet,” another small voice replied.

“We just have to wait and see.”


Jasmine stated when she heard the caption many questions started to run through her mind, which eventually formed this amazing piece of writing:

As he slept a small voice whispered in the darkness of night.

“Is he the one?” The one who will set us all free?

“Away from the dark place we stay?”

“Away from the dreaded place we lay?”

“Away from all the dragons, we fail to slay?”

“Or will he fail us all and be afraid?”


Mrs. Sauerwein, said this about the first time she read Jasmine’s work, “I was blown away, and I got chills. I could not believe it…”. She then shared it with other teachers, and they were just as amazed as she was. “I’m excited to see what else she comes up with because she definitely has a talent,” Sauerwein stated.