Student’s Questions Answered


Amanda Hirschfeld, Reporter

As students become more and more comfortable here at Cypress Creek Middle High School they are beginning to express their concern for events and activities that they hope are to take place throughout the school year. Concerns included: Homecoming, Prom, an 8th-grade trip, Junior take over, and the selection of class colors.

A commonly asked question regards homecoming, will there be a spirit week and a dance that follows? Assistant principal Mr. Light has communicated that there will indeed be a spirit week and dance to come in the month of October. However due to a lack of alumni in the first year of Cypress Creek, the event will not be under the title of homecoming, it is undecided what it is to be called. As for Prom, class of 2019 Student Government members will decide on a theme and everything that follows. Regarding the Juniors concern as to a takeover day, it will happen towards the end of the year! Although there are no seniors to take over from, there will be one and it will be more of a celebratory moving up day.

There will also be an 8th grade trip for students making the transition to high school, even though they will remain on the same campus for their high school careers. Location and pricing details will be revealed in a follow up as the school year progresses. And lastly, as for class colors, we WILL be having them. When student government candidates are elected into office, they will communicate with the student body to decide what their classmates want. 

Voting will take place on campus tomorrow in first period. As for students, make sure you cast your vote when given the chance to choose who will represent your class.