Our First Few Weeks Of School


Ashley Gutierrez, Reporter

As we end the third week of school here at Cypress Creek Middle High, we have already had many moments that will be remembered forever. From making new friends to our first ever Varsity Football victory. Students have started getting comfortable here, and we decided to ask what some of their favorite things about the new school are.

“I like the lunch room; The chairs are really comfortable”  Melody Lyn (7th) 

“All the lockers.”  Cole Boyd (7th) 

“I love it. The cafeteria, the weight room, and the second floor.”  Trevor Maxwell (11th)

“Well, I really like the new school for the opportunity it provides a student at Cypress Creek. I also like the second story buildings, and all the little kids because I get to tell them “have a good day” and it just makes their day.”    Isaiah Flores (11th) 

“It’s big. It’s hard to get used to, but I’m getting there. I like it though, it’s new. I like the new, clean classrooms.” Steven Brown (11th)

“It’s pretty big, it’s all new. The cafeteria is really nice.”  Madi Brown (9th)

“I like it. I like how spacious it is. I like the teachers and the electives.”  Madison Barcia (11th)

“I like the diversity of the students and teachers. I like the sports options, and the friends I have made in the past few days.”  Eneida Hernandez (11th) 

“I really like it, it’s really enjoyable. I like how everything is new and how it’s setup.”  Cecilia Seufert (11th) 

“It’s really big, it’s nice. I like the way that it set up like there are different building for differing students.”      Zackary McKinney (6th)

“I like it. One of my favorite things is sitting at the tall tables.” Elijah Lopez (6th) 

“It’s pretty cool, and I get to make new friends.  I like that we get some much freedom to switch classes.”         Aislynn McMahon (6th)