Stressed Out


source: news.rambler

Amanda Hirschfeld, Reporter

Going back to school can be a very stressful thing, especially for young students still figuring themselves out. Some students suffer from physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, constant bathroom usage, and things like nausea. Some experience more serious symptoms like eating disorders including an avoidance of eating, or binge eating, which can lead to bulimic/ anorexic behaviors. Let’s face it, we’ve all come across feelings of avoidance toward school, maybe as a joke, maybe out of laziness, and maybe out of fear. Back to school jitters are common, we ask ourselves things like, “who are my teachers? Will they be understanding? Are my clothes trendy and will they blend in? Will I know people in my classes or will I be alone? What if I miss the bus? What if math is too hard?” Although to most these questions might come across as silly, they can actually be just the beginning of severe psychological damage.

It’s important to tackle these anxieties early on in the school year before they can sink into a child’s safety net of thoughts. Overcoming anxiety and stress will make valuable opportunities to develop social skills clearer to the eye. When you let yourself get caught up in stress and obstacles without proper guidance you can miss important chances for success and mastery. Being confident in your surroundings at school or at home comes from the roots of being acknowledged for your talents. Everyone has something truly unique and special about them, and they deserve to be praised for it. Ridding yourself of anxiety and pressure allows for the fostering of close friendships with your classmates. The bottom line is that it is school, train yourself to let go of your inner tensions so you can focus on learning basic skills that will progress your education and meet your requirements and reasoning behind attending school in the first place.

Physical signs of stress that can be obvious are as follows: excessive worry most days of the week, for weeks on end, trouble sleeping at night or sleepiness during the day, restlessness or fatigue during waking hours, trouble concentrating irritability. If you have a friend, are a parent, or have any relation to a child suffering previously, currently, or is showing signs of potentially developing anxiety or unbearable stress it is important to understand how you can help. To all parental units, I strongly encourage that you take charge to ensure that your child eats regularly throughout the day, and gets a good nights sleep every night. Taking care of these basics will enhance your child’s nourished mind. Provide empathy! It is so important to listen to a friend/ child/ neighbor/ second cousin (or whomever’s) concerns. Make the time to let them express how they feel, allow them to vent in any way they feel appropriate. This makes problem-solving all the more involving. Together pull your attention to a plan, what can you do to calm them? Offer movie nights, go on long walks outdoors, listen to music that speaks to them often. Whatever you can do to help, no person should have to go through back to school anxiety alone. And remember that you must also pay attention to your own behavior as well, providing someone with positivity, compassion, and hopefulness can sometimes be the only cure they need.

If you feel you are going through this alone, one of the best things you can do for yourself is redirecting your attention and focus on the positive aspects of your life. Anything exciting happen to you recently? Where do you see yourself in the future? What activities do you enjoy? You must open the door to help others help you. So the next time you get on the bus to school on a Monday morning dreading the week to come, keep in mind that you are not alone. Thousands upon thousands of students in the world go through the same things you do. Don’t forget that it’s just a test, just an assignment. Your grade does not define you, don’t let it define you, let yourself be expressive and appreciate the fact that you are able to have an education. Kids all across the globe strive to be you.