The Criminal Justice Academy


The Criminal Justice Academy is here at Cypress Creek Middle-High School to provide vital knowledge for the students who desire to learn about the Criminal Justice system. They learn about laws, restrictions, and self-defense tactics. The goal is to spark an interest in criminology and the various sciences that go along with it.

All teachers that instruct an academy have to possess some sort of background in order to do so; here’s some of the Criminal Justice educator, Mr. Hurlstone’s background:

  • He has worked in the Department of Corrections
  • He was in the army
  • He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and also has a Master’s degree in Human Research and Development


We also got the chance to interview Mr. Hurlstone, here are some of our questions, and his answers:

Q: Why do you think this class is important and why do you think that other students should pick this academy to be in?

A: “I believe that it is important because it teaches real-life problems and situations. Plus, it could educate the students how to protect themselves, how to gain certain skills that can possibly protect their own life and maybe even someone else’s, how the government works, what laws there are, and why they exist, what type of criminals and criminal acts are out there, and teaches kids how to resolve conflicts by working together.”

Q: What do you think your students will take away from this class?

A: “I feel they will most definitely take this into their future no matter what; I feel that they will gain an interest for Criminology, possibly even start a career within the criminal justice field, have a much better state of mind for the criminal justice system, have a better respect and understanding towards it, and come away feeling safer within their home and community. I feel if they proceed to take this class, they’ll learn how to protect themselves and others.”

If you choose to become a part of this academy, and if you are lucky to get in, here are the things that the Criminal Justice students will be doing in the class:

  • Crime scene investigations
  • Theorizing, investigating, working in groups
  • Critical thinking, public speaking, ethical decision-making, and multitasking
  • Learning about courts, police and society, corrections, criminology, constitutional law, etc.
  • Learning independence as well as working together with others
  • Learning self-defense, defense of tactics, and studying firearm safety and usage (safety always comes first!!)
  • Studying fingerprints, house cases, trials, and how to write reports, etc, etc, etc!


We won’t spoil more; you should really think about joining this academy. We promise you won’t regret it. It will definitely help you in life and it is a lot of fun! Here are a few quotes from students in the academy.

“I feel like CJ is a great and very useful class to take, if you want to know more about laws, criminology, etc., it is the class for you. It really focuses on causes, reasons, and prevention of crime. You can learn a whole array of different things, like learning how to solve difficult problems and situations, what goes on in and how the court works, laws, and the rights you have as a U.S. citizen. The class is extremely fun, comfortable to be in, and it feels as if you learn so many things within a week more than in any other class. It is SUPER beneficial if to take even if you’re not interested in the law!”

“Mr. Hurlstone is rad. The class is rad. The tests are even rad. The whole thing is so rad. TAKE THIS CLASS!!”