SGA Representatives and Class Color Info


Matthew McGovern, Reporter

The class officers for all students at Cypress Creek were announced before our first pep rally on September 1st. Each of the officers was elected by their classmates through a vote. These students are now a part of the inaugural Student Government Association at Cypress Creek Middle High School.

For those who don’t know, the role of class representatives and class officers vary. Your class representatives are members of the club for your class (i.e. Class of 2019 Club), who don’t have to be voted for to obtain their position. Their job is to promote school spirit and to participate in extracurricular activities, such as fundraisers.

Class officers, on the other hand, have a more defined role in organizing school events, such as Homecoming, Prom, and fundraisers. The president and vice president oversee and have an important opinion on what ideas presented by class reps and other officers will go through and actually take place. The secretary for each class keeps the record of important points made at club meetings, along with documenting and submitting important decisions made by the S.G.A. (Student Government Association) for approval to administration. The treasurer is dubbed with the task of recording, overseeing and collecting money at fundraisers, along with giving financial advice to the other class officers and representatives.

This first set of class officers will make important decisions that will put in place long-lasting traditions for students at Cypress Creek. One of which is our first homecoming dance and spirit week. The theme for each was recently decided upon by the S.G.A. Spirit week will follow the theme of “around the world,” while the homecoming dance will have “A Trip to Paris” theme. Another consensus reached recently by student government were the class colors for the last day of homecoming week for high schoolers; Class of 2021: Blue, Class of 2020: White, and Class of 2019: Pink.

When asked about establishing these school traditions, The Class of 2019 Secretary, Madison Barcia, said, “We’re really going to make an effort this year to make sure there are traditions that will continue on even after we graduate,” along with, “I think it is very exciting to be the first members of S.G.A. at the school this year, along with being the first graduating class next year. Coming up with these  traditions for years to come is going to be pretty enjoyable this year.” Student government participants are looking forward to this year, and rightly so.

Here’s a list of all class officers for Middle and High school for the 2017-18 school year:


11th Grade

o Pres: Dylan Nagore

o VP: Amber Dilone

o Treasurer: Matthew McGovern

o Secretary: Madison Barcia


10th Grade

o Pres: Brody Gommier

o VP: Amanda Hirschfeld

o Treasurer: Noel Martinez-Pla

o Secretary: Callisa Kwait


9th Grade

o Pres: Kyla Booker

o VP: Elijah Coley

o Treasurer: Aiden Rogers

o Secretary: Lizzette Llanos


8th Grade

o Pres: Rylie Martin

o VP: Rylie Showalter

o Treasurer: Trae Diaz

o Secretary: Taylor Bennett


7th Grade

o Pres: Dylan Lolley

o VP: Jack Carbone

o Secretary: AJ Cunningham

o Treasurer: Alexander Watts


6th Grade

o Pres: Matty Vreeland

o VP: Jackson Zebra

o Secretary: Marie Estep

o Treasurer: Brook Barcia