JV Football Spotlight: Brycen Hernandez


Amanda Hirschfeld, editor

“Collected. Inspiring. Ambitious. When there’s a first-year program with kids coming from various experiences, it’s tough to develop leadership and establish yourself in a locker room. Lo and behold you have a freshman, originally slated as a starter on varsity, come in and become a foundation to our program. It’s unbelievable. Apart from obvious skill, there’s never been any task too much or a moment too big for him and that’s what makes him such a pleasure to coach,” remarks JV football coach William Henson. To Brycen, football means miles more than just a sport, it teaches lifelong lessons that he will carry for the rest of his life. 

Brycen is going on his tenth year playing football. His journey began back at the age of four, playing flag football. He eventually progressed to tackle when he aged out of at nine. He is the athlete he is today because he’s been able to take it upon himself to learn to endure and handle tough situations, no matter the direction they come from. To learn to be responsible is repetitively a common burden on young athletes. He has accomplished so much by simply being responsible. Football has taught him to show leadership, take every opportunity that comes his way and make the best of all scenarios. He knows now the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, in many ways it can prove to be the key to success.  

Brycen’s teammates have become his brothers, they play, sweat, and work with each other every day. He has solidified lifelong friends that will have his back through his tough times to come. School and football don’t always work hand in hand. Brycen has taught himself to find an appropriate balance within his priorities, and ensure his tasks always get completed. 

The beauty of being a young athlete is having the room to grow. He isn’t sure what his future will hold, football or no football. For now, he has decided to ride the wave of life, and see where his interests fall. All he is certain of is that Football will remain in his heart, and he can only progress from here.