Modern Brainwashing


Amanda Hirschfeld, Editor

“You will work.

You will consume.

You will die.

Don’t question authority.

Don’t question your religious beliefs.

Obey the law.

Your life can’t change because it is what it is.

These people are bad, we’re going to put them down.

These guys are terrorists, we’re going to invade their country even though it’s not actually their responsibility.

This guy is good, look at what he did.

This product will cure you. Just look at this person!

This food is yummy because we say it is.”

Your head is spinning. Pulse is racing. Blood gushing through your arteries. The phone continues to ring. Your hand paralyzed, smashed against the window. Bing. bing. bing. You’ve got a text message. Sirens. Ringing and ringing, a constant ringing. A man rushes to your door, yanking on the handle. Suddenly you realize you’re upside down. Everything goes dark as you feel your body being elevated with force. This is the aftermath of a car wreck, caused by an obsession with a cell phone while driving. “This is a normal thing,” “this happens every day to normal people,” at least that’s what you’ve been programmed to believe. It’s probably been so pushed into your head that smartphones have improved society that you can’t seem to process thinking; what have they really done? Things that seem normal like car accidents, depression, obesity, sleeping issues, and poor attention spans all have one thing in common. Smartphones. Modern brainwashing takes action in your life every single day. It is the process by which a person or group uses underhanded methods to persuade others to the will of the things manipulating them. Look around, open your eyes. Chants, things your parents taught you as a child, school, society, and college. They’re all examples, constantly lingering in your environment.  You are a slave to society.

Think about it, ever notice how the manipulator offers you a number of choices, but the choices all lead to the same conclusion? Do you have beliefs that don’t actually benefit your life? Take a moment to contemplate that you could possibly be held back, or stopped from reaching successes and joys. Problems begin with bad beliefs. Society as a whole has undoubtedly swarmed you in like a never-ending tornado. Making you think things like: you have no value, you’re never looking good, you can’t be happy unless you have x/y, etc., etc. Always swimming around in your brain. A vicious cycle. Chants, ads, marketing, magazines, makeup companies, and the constant need to match or outdo another person’s roundabouts. Those thoughts never leave your head, you’re too busy worrying about your eyebrows being uneven.

Need I be more specific? What genre of music are you and your friends listening to a majority of the time? Our community is a fairly busy one,  leading you to be in the car multiple times a day. Turn on the radio and you most likely find yourself at mainstream pop, yes? If you are a parent, older sibling, or friend even, I’m sure you’ve noticed once or twice the subtle inappropriate hidden messages in most of the music, for the sake of the ears listening. Radio stations insist on playing the most popular artists no matter the content they’re producing. Producers and managers of these artists know their audience, they’re strategic none the less. But why do we listen to this music anyway? Hinting at sex, drugs, alcohol, love. Is that enjoyable? In most cases, it’s the only music children know, played on popular radio stations, school dances, get-togethers and such. A lot of teens fall into it unconsciously because it’s what’s considered cool, hip, popular. Just another tactic to fit in.

Schools are guilty of enforcing an involuntary compulsory on students. Kids learn not to think with their heads, but learn how to memorize and repeat knowledge. It’s so common for teachers to confine to the teachings of standards and curriculums rather than allow students to analyze, dig deeper, and build opinions of their own. No need to deny the biggest purpose of K-12 learning is to fall subject to a big business costing you outrageous amounts of money. People are disciplined to save, pre-accepting having years of investment on their plate. Cultivating nationalism in action. Proving that anyone can get a degree if they’re backed with money. But comprehend that the workforce is always fluctuating, nothing is guaranteed, it’s a lottery. Colleges and universities create a jungle of false hopes and promises.

But what’s the big deal? That’s just life. The buoyancy of the population is at a steady decline. Mental development and learning abilities as a whole are inhibited, as a result of ignorance. Incompetence, nervousness, and fearfulness have escalated in popularity. How’s your self-esteem?  Do you feel empowered or heavy-hearted? Whether you think brainwashing applies to you or not, it’s almost guaranteed your thoughts are manipulated in some way. Look the other way. Don’t let branding persuade you. Don’t let extreme political narratives tell you what to think. Don’t let schools guide you through your learning, guide yourself. The only way to avoid being told you are invaluable is to think for yourself.