This is our future, and that’s the Coyote Way


The new school dedication ceremony here at Cypress Creek was nothing short of astonishing. For a school with no history and no set traditions, Cypress Creek carries only pride and honor on its shoulders. District board members, involved parents and students, administration, faculty, and more gathered to celebrate the inaugural school year being full of successes and joys so far. Coyote Nation is at a current capacity of 1,661 students and expected to reach a capacity of 1,958 in the near future.

Superintendent Kurt Browning and Principal Carin Hetzler-Nettles both expressed gratitude in their addresses. Mr. Browning mentioned a special thank you for Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles, describing her as “tough, yet fair, always wanting the best for students.” He also mentioned that Pasco County is one of the fastest growing school districts, with additional plans of expansion for a middle school in August of 2020. Cypress Creek was originally built to relieve crowding at Wiregrass Ranch, Wesley Chapel, and Sunlake high schools.

When asked why hosting the ceremony so far into the school year, Kurt Browning replied, “Opportunity. There is so much opportunity and hope for building a foundational culture making sure students are involved. This simply can’t be done when the school is opening. Everyone involved needs time to build relationships and feel a sense of belonging and pride. So we wait.”

Students using the H.O.W.L model every day adds to the positivity flowing from our campus. “It’s great to have community see the return on their investment, seeing our culture being put together. And how absolutely positive and instructive our community has become. We are a collaborative partnership building a better, stronger community,” states Mrs. Hawk, Assistant Principal.

Regarding the ribbon-cutting ceremony specifically, words including breathtaking and heartwarming sum it up well. Cypress Creek Middle High School is represented purely by a growth mindset. A school strictly dedicated to the community is sure to focus on advancements, and taking the necessary steps forward to elaborate on the brilliant plans set in place. This is our future, and that’s the coyote way.