The Tell-Tale Heart Project


Damia Gilbert, Reporter

The Tell-Tale Heart is a tale written by Edgar Allan Poe. After Ms. Hudak’s Language Arts class read the story, she decided to use the “Breakout Box” to increase the students’ engagement with the text. This is a fun, hands-on activity that the kids would enjoy, and at the same time, they could apply the skills that they learned so far this year to unlock the box that contains a prize inside. In addition, Ms. Hudak’s classroom was set up like a crime scene thanks to Mr. Muley and Mr. Hurlstone.

When asked what inspired her to do this activity she said, “They read the story of the ‘Tell-Tale Heart,’ and I decided to do the Breakout Box to enhance their understanding of the story. Students use the clues from the story to figure out how to unlock the box. For example, students had to observe and match sentences to a specific figure of speech. This lead the students to a skeleton in the center of the classroom that contained a key to unlock one of the several locks located on the Breakout Box.”

The students really enjoyed this activity. Cayla Middleton was asked about how she liked the activity; her response was, “I like this project, it is good and I like how hands-on this is, and at the same time we are still learning.” Another student, Mike Marshall was asked the same question and he said, “I think it is fun and difficult, but interesting at the same time because it builds suspense and it connects to the story that we read.” The only team to unlock the box consisted on Tuong Lam, Dontrell Clerkley, Addison Symanski, and Uxmaly Escalante who were thrilled when they took the candy from the open box as the bell was ringing for class to end.