One of Cypress Creek


Joe Vreeland, Reporter

Cypress Creek, the first-year middle-high school, has students from several formerly attended schools. With students coming from all over to include countless elementary, middle, and high schools; Cypress Creek is diverse. One of the most intense rivalries in all of Pasco County, Wiregrass High School versus Wesley Chapel High School, lost many people to this brand-new program. Now, a school made up of rivals needs to come together to start new sports programs, new fine arts programs, and new traditions to last for years to come.

After nearly a semester of being a part of the Cypress Creek community, I have thoroughly enjoyed many of its programs. I am in the dance department, something I never thought I would be a part of, I ran cross country, and I am currently playing basketball. These three programs are the first in school history, and I am proud to be a part of all three. This new school brings countless opportunities to students who want to play a sport or join a new program. I have seen many friends and acquaintances of mine already try out for a sports team and make it, even though they have never played it before. I have also done the same by taking part in the dance program to earn my fine arts credit, and I have had fun, despite my initial hesitation to sign up for a dance class.

In these ways, I have pushed my boundaries and made new friends. For example, during cross country season, there were seven Coyotes on the boys’ team. Out of the seven, the schools we came from are Wesley Chapel, Wiregrass, Terrace Community, Weightman, and Imagine. If I was told freshman year that in 12 months I would be running many miles alongside a few Longhorns, as well as Dragons and Wildcats, I would have laughed. However, there was no rivalry or choosing sides on our team at all, just the acceptance of being a Coyote alongside other Coyotes, with all backgrounds put aside and forgotten.

Looking ahead, Cypress Creek will keep embracing itself as its own school with its own traditions, and the all the students in it will eventually bond fully. No more will students be asking if you came from Chapel or if you came from Wiregrass, but will just accept that you are now a Coyote, one of Cypress Creek. It might take some time before the school is where everybody wants it to be, but that comes with every new school. Ultimately, Cypress Creek will establish its own traditions, own rivalries, and own pride as it keeps growing and establishing itself in Pasco County.