Local Christmas Event


Madison Murphy, Reporter

Christmas Time is drawing near, a time for shopping, present wrapping, Christmas music, and family time. When Christmas is mentioned, the traditions can’t help but come to mind, like how you decorate, what your Christmas meal is, or how everyone wakes up on Christmas morning. I went and asked students as well as teachers from our school what they looked forward to every Christmas season.. and this quote from a teacher pretty much sums up every response “ Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without our family traditions.” Traditions are extremely important to some, while others just care about presents under the tree and a stocking full of mysterious gifts, but what if you had none of that? No waking up to the smell of coffee and that fresh tree you waited to pick out, no presents or stockings, no family pictures (which I personally wouldn’t mind), but in fact no family at all. This is a real problem in the state of Florida especially since we, as a state, were just hit by two major hurricanes. Not only are we fixing our own damages but we have taken in Puerto Rican survivors who’re just thankful this Christmas that they have a place to rest their head at night.

This Christmas as a community let’s all donate just a little to help make someone else’s lives better. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has made donating even simpler than ever before. By visiting Saint Judes’s site,  you can pick an amount or type your own by pressing the “other” box. If you aren’t tech savvy and would like to donate by phone you can call (800)758-5071. If you don’t like just giving money and would like to purchase a gift and drop it off Toys for Tots, an organization focused on giving children a great Christmas is located inside Toys R Us. To check if the Toys R Us by you is accepting gifts go online to www.toysrus.com to type in your location. I want to say thank you to all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles donating. Every child that receives a present Christmas/Christmas eve will regain hope in the world from houses being torn down, to losing their parents, to not having enough money, or being ill, you name it. While donating over the phone is great, it doesn’t really allow your family to have a Christmas night out. Well, why can’t it be both?

Mrs.Debbie, a local grandmother, works super hard raising money to sponsor families for Christmas by decorating her house floor to ceiling inside and grass to roof outside with every possible Christmas decoration known. She starts decorating before Halloween and works all day, every day until this coming Saturday when she invites anyone and everyone to come and see her Winter Wonderland. She provides cookies and drinks as well as a photographer to take family pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. In return, she only asks that you donate money this holiday season. Jars will be displayed around the house for easy donating. This event is something you and your family need to see so please try and come. The details will be listed below! Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!