Things that Inspire Us

Hannah Clark, Reporter

To inspire means to motivate, encourage. To fill someone with a strong urge or special ability to do, act upon, or feel something; especially to strive to do something creative and unique. Anything can inspire. Whether it be a person, an inanimate object, an experience, a film or book, the list goes on. We can all be influenced by even the smallest of things; things many out there may take for granted, and not even give a sideways glance to; whilst others go out of their way to affect another, or seek inspiration.

A small thing that could be extremely inspiring is a simple book. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Book Thief, etc. A character or a quote, a piece of jewelry that is explained in great detail could spark ideas within somebody. Inspire them to create from scratch, stand up straight and be brave, face your fears without a moment of slight hesitation, get over bad habits and start fresh. Many may ignore those subtle features within the pages of their favorite book and blindly go about their business, not knowing how much they’ve truly been inspired.

A movie could very well do the same as well as a book. Perhaps a piece of well-composed music in the background of a scene could awaken a deeply earthed talent inside somebody; encourage them to find a guitar and give it a strum. Watching special features on a movie disk could prompt a person to pursue a career in film-making or voice-acting. Movies aren’t just for entertainment.

Music plays a huge role in inspiring individuals. Rock music, rap, instrumentals; the lyrics, the combined or solitary instruments. Maybe the lone lead singer or the drummer in the background gives somebody out there in the world new-found hope to live through life, that perhaps could be harder for somebody else. Music can save lives, and inspire others to seek out people who are similar, with same tastes in music. Some put their heads together and write songs, produce the music, and bands are born to go out and inspire the ones before they did.

It can be anything. Anything at all, can inspire anybody. No matter how small that thing is, it can do wonders for somebody else. The next time you’re feeling inspired, try to remember exactly what it was that inspired you, and why. It could create valuable memories in the future. That special movie that encouraged you to seek a career in acting, or the book that made you want to become a writer, etc. So, what inspires you?


“There are a lot of songs I listen to on the radio that really inspires me to live life with my head held high, and to change the way I act and see reality, and to know that some things happen for a reason.”       Destiny Kaminsky – (grade 9)


 “The person that really inspires me is my Mom. She pushes me to do better and gives me a better, brighter insight into life.” Tyniah Javois – (grade 9)



     “A book that really inspires me to be brave is Harry Potter because it makes me feel that any obstacle, even if it seems to be impossible to beat, can be conquered!” Lauren Stallworth – (grade 9)


 “Something that inspires me is something that I, myself, can make. If I can make someone laugh or cry in happiness. I know that sounds a bit odd, but, that is how I view it. If I did a really great job at creating something or doing something for somebody else, it means I can help somebody, make them feel great, make them feel something. What gives others emotion, gives me emotion.” Daniel Maloney – (grade 10)


     “There are a lot of digital artists online that inspire me to draw and do better as a growing artist.”  Madison Poole – (grade 11)


     “The Pretty Reckless is a hard rock band that I adore with all my heart. Taylor Momsen and the other band members really inspire me to pursue my dream in becoming a songwriter and a guitarist; also, to be myself, not to care what others think of me or say about me; be brave, and not to be afraid. In all honesty, their music saved my life.” Hannah Clark – (grade 11)