Changes to Cypress Creek’s Grading System


Ashley Gutierrez, Editor

To see what the grading system was prior to this change please click here.

Cypress Creek Middle-High school’s first semester has come to a close. Although our school has grown tremendously since our start in August, the staff has realized that adjustments need to be made to better our campus. One of these adjustments includes a modified grading policy. Our principal, Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles, stated that, “Students that don’t make any type of attempt at work or a test, essentially just want to put their name on a paper and say give me a 50%, they’re not going to get a 50% they are going to get a 0.” The change is a result of some students trying to take advantage of the lowest grade being a 50%. Another issue was for the students who worked and legitimately earned a 50, while someone did nothing and got a 50%, too.

The original goal was to get students to not be afraid to confidently attempt challenging work, without the fear of receiving a 0% which can be detrimental to a students grade. The downfall of this was that students were not doing the work, getting 50% on all the assignments, and then trying to pull their grade up to a passing grade at the last minute, playing the system.The students will only receive a 50% if they put in a good faith effort. The good faith effort will be up to each individual teacher to decide. A motivating factor of the 0% is that the student may put in more effort now. Students will hopefully not blow off their assignments.

“The beauty of a new school is that we can try new things, things that haven’t been done before in an effort to best serve the students. After all, that is who we, as staff, are there to serve,” shared Passardi. “We have the ability to craft something unique and build something from the ground up and if it doesn’t work and can keep plugging away until it does work,” Passardi further shared. “Nettles’ priority is the kids and getting us what we need to take care of the kids, this includes systems like grading.  We didn’t make these adjustments on a whim. feedback was listened to on how things were going in the classrooms and these things were suggested. Now, we will see how this goes”  Passardi optimistically told us.

Now, we prepare to come back to begin our first second semester. We will work through these grading practices and see if they work or how it will change when we return for our second year.