Girls Weightlifters off to Regionals


Amanda Hirschfeld and Jordan Alvis

After a long season of hard work and dedication for Cypress Creek’s girls’ weightlifting, student-athletes Amanda Reyes and Cecilia Seufert have advanced to Regionals. Cecilia, grade 11, has been lifting since her freshman year, previously at Wiregrass Ranch High School. Amanda, grade 11, has been lifting since her sophomore year, previously at Wesley Chapel High School.

When asked about the comparison to their previous teams to the one they have come together on now, Cecilia states, “Cypress is geared more toward working out effectively and ultimately building a better you.” Amanda agrees and added, “there are more girls here and they are concerned about improving their personal health, showing a greater interest in getting stronger. We are very organized as a team and love to support one another. In each day of training, the girls look to challenge themselves. They follow a routine percentage workout starting at 60% of their max and working their way up in reps.”

Being the first two to attend Regionals for girls weightlifting for our school, Cecilia and Amanda express an equal amount of excitement and nerves when preparing for competition. However, being an individual sport, both girls find they are constantly competing against themselves. They are consistently setting new goals and testing their limits. As expressed by Amanda, “the people I surround myself with motivate me to stay strong; always persevere. I push myself with the encouragement I receive from others.”

The sport teaches young women to have a strong mindset, reassuring them that you can do anything and everything you set your mind to. It is apparent that they wouldn’t have made it to this point if it weren’t for their ability to build off each other’s positive energy and endless support from their teammates. Congratulations to Cecilia Seufert and Amanda Reyes for qualifying for regionals. Best of luck to you both!