Lured away by the criminal.

One cynical motive.


The predatory sport.

A gun pressuring the head of a racing heart.


Not a peep.

Into the night– silenced and kidnapped.

Rohypnol starts to spread through the veins of the innocent. Feeling sleepy, the confusion grows. And suddenly when sight and sound return, there is an instant death of memory. The horrific introduction of an unwilling prostitute to the world of modern slavery. Sex trafficking. Trapped with no escape, the abuse continues. Physically and mentally, hundreds of thousands of human beings are owned, in every aspect, by monsters. “Persons who lack the ability to walk away. Who lack the ability to make a decision in their own self-interest to do something else. If that’s not considered slavery, what is?” Remarks ABC action news. The intensity an individual experiences is inconceivable, so terrifying it’s unimaginable.  This can happen to anyone. Being aware puts the world one step closer to stopping the torture. “Human trafficking is the act of recruitment, Transportation, harboring, or receipt of any persons by use of threat or violent coercion, and giving payment to non-consenting persons, for the purpose of exploit-ion.”

Knowing of the injustice of sex slavery being committed, UNODC.com concludes that governments of various countries (mainly through law enforcement) have done their best to try and stop the industry [of sex slavery] but to almost no avail. The change has been small and sadly, there isn’t much more that governments and law enforcement can do to stop sex trafficking.

Many times, young girls’ cultural surroundings may force them into sex slavery. When their parents are jobless, dirt poor, or maybe their mothers may have become too ill or too old to sell their body anymore, a family desperately in need of money, turn to their children. They send them away, often in the hopes of a better life, often into the horror of being taken advantage of sexually. Unfortunately, this force of labor in most cases is inescapable. All it takes is the wrong person, wrong place, wrong time, and the child is chained to sex slavery.