What do we do?

Ashley Gutierrez, Editor

17 lives were lost last week. 17 lives that did not deserve to be lost. Families are grieving. Classmates are grieving. Teachers are grieving. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will never be the same.

This year alone, there have been 8 school shootings. These have all resulted in some capacity of death or injuries. Schools have become a place that children are scared to go to. School is supposed to be a place to enhance one’s education. So how do we stop this?

Do we march on Washington?

Do we call out our countries leaders?

Our state leaders?

Our school districts?

Do we reform gun control laws?

Do we protest?

Do we heighten security at our schools?

Do we focus on mental health?

Do we just treat each other like actual human beings?

Do we speak up?

Do we stand for what we believe needs to change?

Yes, the answer is yes. There is no one single way we are going to fix this. We might need all these things to stop school shootings, and maybe you don’t believe in some of these ways, but someone else might. I chose to respect that.

Personally, I think we should do all of these things. I believe someone who can’t legally drink in our country shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun. I believe that our leaders should change laws and policies. I believe we do need higher security at schools. I believe children should stand up and use their voice to fight for what they believe in. I believe children need to be kinder to one another, and stop pushing each other to the edge. I believe we all need to be more aware of one another’s mental health. I believe we all need to change.