Manahil Wajid, reporter

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Last week was a flurry of emotions. 17 lives were lost, 17 families destroyed, 17 souls lost their voice. No one can sympathize with the atrocities that lurk around in our society; atrocities like a shooting at a school, shooting innocent and helpless teachers and students. A normal day had been turned into one of screams, fear, and nightmares.

On Wednesday, February 14th Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland Florida was shot. 17 students were killed, and many more were injured. But those are only statistics, and for sure statistics do matter but in this case, that is not what we need. Researching this topic was indescribably hard. To be honest, I had no idea what to write, so like every other topic I researched this to gather some solid facts for my article, but what I found out was really surprising. Newspaper articles and stories all focused on the statistics. How many people died? How many injured? Who committed such a barbaric action? Hell, all of us know what’s going on. All of us know the statistics. All of us know that lives were lost. But the thing is most of us are unfazed, sure people are scared and worried but new gossips and events will come and this will be pushed away and forgotten. There isn’t one major news article or story that sympathizes on the deaths of innocent people. 17 lives that didn’t deserve to die. There are heartwarming tweets and social media posts, but as compared to everything else the number is very small.

People are protesting for stricter gun laws, political figures are on a rampage and there are numerous stories an how students who spoke out about this monstrosity are paid actors. It is surprising that little to none of these reflect on how both the school faculty and students are still grieving

People are using the never again hashtag to protest for better gun laws to prevent something like this from happening again. And it is a possibility that better gun laws would prevent such horrendous actions from taking place, and I personally support the idea. But the thing is the person who shot the school probably bought the weapon illegally. No matter how many rules and regulations are enforced by the government, people find a loophole, a way to do or attain something anyways.

Political rampages, calling the victims of the attack actors and counting the statistics time and time again won’t do anything. They won’t bring back the 17 lives that were lost. They won’t fix the families that this shooting has destroyed. It won’t do anything to stop such actions.

What all of us need is a voice, a voice to speak up against such atrocities. A voice that would prevent such horrendous actions. The shooter had continuously posted pictures of guns and weapons and had threatened violence on several occasions. Someone could have reported him, someone could have stopped this. Just one click could have alerted the authorities and could have notified them that something was wrong. Just one click could have prevented this shooting. Just one click could have saved 17 lives. No one can sympathize with what happened last week. But we can prevent something like this from happening again. #neveragain