Stop for a Moment

Jenny Stinfil, Editor

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In the first two months of 2018, there have been eight school shootings that have resulted in death or injury, people are continuously at odds with one another about each and everything. It seems that the only way we ever stop to reflect is when a tragedy strikes. We saw this trend during hurricane season; everyone was so quick to do what they could to help out, but after a while, we move onto the next topic and everything dies down.

Now tragedy has struck again, and this time close to home. It is not just some story that we hear about, but brush off because we know that it’s not us, and as long as it doesn’t affect us then we can forget about it. This time people were brutally killed in a place we can all relate to. We have all gone to school or are currently in school, a place that is supposed to allow us to thrive and figure out who we are as growing adolescents. Instead, school is now a place where 14 children and 3 adults were killed. People lost their sons, their daughters, their best friends, their neighbors, their students, and someone that was a constant in their lives for so long but is now no longer. A school is now a place where people will forever be haunted by what was and what could have been. For us as bystanders, school is now a place where we wonder when and if we will be next because we’re not immune to the dangers of this world.

We all get to a certain point where we no longer can grieve or feel a need to. We are constantly waiting for the next event to happen because we know that eventually, it will. This causes us to become desensitized to everything and wonder if there really is any hope left because we are always being disappointed by everyone in this world. The person who we never thought would wrong us, or those around us, end up doing so and that leaves behind a scar that will never be healed.

I personally always wonder what goes on through a person’s mind whenever they decide to do something they know will hurt people. I wonder how they could have so much animosity in them and be so vindictive that they feel the best way to rectify that is by hurting another human being or taking their life away. This world is in need of desperate help and to those who are ignorant enough to be blind by the events that are happening, I hope they stop for a moment and really think about it because ignorance can lead us down a path that we do not want to be on.

You reap what you sow and if violence Is what continues to be sowed then all we can ever continue to expect is more violence.”

Mental illness is now the excuse being used for every single thing that happens. Mental illness did not kill 20 plus children, mental illness did not allow 17 students to die at Parkland, mental illness did not kill 58 people in Las Vegas, and mental illness definitely did not kill 26 people at First Baptist Church in Texas. Mental illness is just a false pretense being used for the real issue and that’s people not being able to take the necessary actions that we need to end all of this gun violence. My mom works with children and adults who have illness’ beyond what we could imagine and it is quite insulting to them to keep blaming mental illness for all of the violence going on because they are not going around schools and concerts and churches gunning down anyone they see in sight. Having a mental illness can lead people to do things that aren’t right, but it is not fair to keep on using it as an excuse for every crazy person that decides to take away innocent lives because they do not know how to compensate for their own sad lives. Life sucks sometimes and what we all need to learn is how to deal with our issues ourselves and not take it out on others. If things keep on going the way that they are I pray for the children and the people who go about their day constantly living in fear because at this point they have every right to do so if nothing is going to be done. You reap what you sow and if violence Is what continues to be sowed then all we can ever continue to expect is more violence.

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