Dick’s Sporting Goods to Ban Sales of Assault Rifles


Matthew McGovern, Editor

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, Dick’s Sporting Goods has become the first large retailer to ban the sale of assault-style rifles since the shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school.

In an interview with CNN moments after the announcement was made, Dick’s Chairman and CEO, Edward Stack, insisted …”It’s the right move.” Since the announcement was made by Stack, there has been speculation on whether or not stores like Wal Mart and Bass Pro Shops (who both sell firearms) will take similar action, or wind up banning the sale of guns altogether.

Whether someone thinks this is a step toward “taking all American’s guns away”, or a step towards safer schools, safer streets, and an all-around safer society, it’s a step toward something. It is a step toward change. Regardless of which side of this large-scale debate you fall on, things like this will lead to bigger things. All of the protest and backlash from both the shooting in Parkland and the (lack of) action taken by lawmakers, along with the actions of large businesses, is going to lead to some sort of change.

The voices of students may be loud enough to be heard by congressmen/ women, senators, governors to help curb the number of guns sold in America. The voices of NRA members and supporters of the second amendment may be heard loud enough to keep gun sales on the rise. In the best case scenario (in my opinion) would be for the needs of supporters on both sides of this to be met, with the interests of student and civilian safety in mind.

Privately owned companies coming out and taking actions like Edward Stack did on February 28th, will hopefully provoke lawmakers to take more affirmative action regarding the safety of the people they’re meant to serve. Those with political power should realize that not only everyday people are concerned, but also the wealthy business owners are now concerned. Ending the political gridlock concerning this issue, and those of countless others is imperative. In the wake of other mass shootings and tragedies, no significant change has come to someone’s ability to purchase a firearm; this time should be different.

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