Getting to know the talent


Amanda Hirschfeld, Editor

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Cypress Creek Middle High School’s first ever talent show was a howling success. With acts from students ranging from 6th-11th grades and two days worth of performances, audience members were in for a treat. The diversity of talent was refreshing, from magic to rapping alphabet Rubiks Cube solving, to electric guitars, there was something for all audience members to enjoy. The entire show was student-run, with dance students Taylor Coppedge and Devin Santana emceeing throughout the performance breaks.

With all eyes on the prizes ($100, $50, $25), the show began with Jada colon and Ashley Crawford, each playing an electric guitar. The girls’ act in the same improv group and are part of the cast for our school’s upcoming play. They are currently collaborating in hopes of putting together an electric punk rock band, in hope that they can continue to perform, as it comes naturally and brings so much joy to Jada and Ashley.

Next up was Angelina Toro singing a popular Sam Smith song, Too good at goodbyes”. She is currently in the 7th grade and has been singing for roughly 4 and a half years. Angelina was previously an active chorus member participating in all county chorus as well as the chorus at her previous school. She has aspirations to become a pop singer in her future.

The next performer was Ms. Aubrey Wallace, a 6th grader. Aubrey is an interpretive dancer. When asked how long she’s been dancing, she humbly responded, “since I could walk.” It appears that dancing isn’t the only passion of the young girl, she is also an active athlete, participating in 3 other sports: basketball, softball, and kickboxing.

Eneida Hernandez followed with a crowd-pleasing vocal performance. The 11th grader has the falsetto of a goddess and such a stronghold of her voice, recognizably committed to her song. Eneida has been singing since she was 5. She writes songs, plays guitar, and acts. She hopes to one day find herself in musical theater on Broadway. To her, we wish the best of luck.

On solo guitar was Eric Poppalordo. His performance was bold, he noticeably committed to his instrument. Keeping the audience engaged with captivating cords. He played classic rock ballads, most notably, one by Ozzy Osbourne.

To make things interesting, Deklyn Gommier solved two Rubik’s Cubes while rapping alphabet aerobics. Deklyn has only been solving these things for a month and it takes him under 50 seconds to solve one; Impressive.

The afternoons first dancing duo, 8th8th-graders Uxmaly Escalante and Melani Mirabel danced with strength and innovation. With the attitudes of champions, they performed a modern interpretive piece. The girls both dream of owning their own studios one day.

8th-grader Briana Rivera began singing when she was 5 and is very passionate about her further plans of attending Juilliard to pursue music if she gets the chance. Outside of music, she’s an artist at heart, creating digital character design. Not only can she sing, Briana plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball!

Kyle Score is magically ambitious doing close up card magic and predictive mind reading. 4 years ago he witnessed someone’s else’s tricks and has been inspired to pursue magic ever since.

Julia Jackson came dressed to impress with her sweet notes, the young singer beamed with excitement. Julia is well rounded in the music realm since childhood, from talent shows to musical theater programs to performing in church, this girls got spunk. Julia plays the piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and even the drums.

Last, but certainly not least, to perform were the Hannah’s, two adorable 6th-grade dancers. The girls have been dancing since they were 2 years old. Hannah Kennedy and Hannah Hernandez aspire to travel to dance conventions and make their way to Broadway someday.

3rd place winner- Uxmaly and Melani
2nd place winner- Kyle Score
1st place winners- Hannah Kennedy and Hannah Hernandez

It took a lot of courage and Stamina for the kids to share their talents with the school.
A Huge congratulations to all contestants from the Cypress Creek Howler Newspaper staff!