Getting To Know Ms. Macri, Our New Assistant Principal


Matthew McGovern, Editor

There were several people who applied for the assistant principal position, but ultimately Ms. Macri was selected to be the newest helping face at Cypress Creek. Recently, the second-period journalism class held a roundtable interview with Ms. Macri to get to know her and what to expect when we, as students, see her on campus.


Q: What made you apply for the job here?

A: “Well, because you guys are awesome. The reputation is that this place is awesome. Everyone’s awesome from the kids to the top of the administration, and that’s why I wanted to work here.”


Q: What was your inspiration to begin teaching, and eventually be where you are today?

A: “I’ve always known I was going to be a teacher. I’ve always known I was going to help kids. I think it was eleventh, or twelfth-grade year when I had law studies teacher. She taught really well, and I wanted to be like her; so I did. Right from there I went to the University of Tampa, and I wanted to be a social studies teacher. I taught at a middle school for migrant students, and then at Nevar High School near Pensacola, then on to be an administrator.”


Q: What Position did you hold before you came to Cypress Creek?

A: “I was an Assistant Principal at Mitchell High School.”


Q: Have there been any challenges adapting to your new role so far?

A: “The tough part for me is that it’s the middle of the school year and I’m just jumping in. If it were over the summer, I would have the option to take that time, learn everything and get acclimated. In this case, I’m just jumping right into it.”


Q: Are there any plans to help introduce yourself and gain the trust of the students at the school?

A: “No, this is the only thing I’ve really done so far. I walk up and meet a lot of new people in the lunchroom. I don’t like clowns, does that help here?” (that did actually help us out in trying to get to know her.)


Q: Is there any significant difference that you’ve seen in the difference between being a high school, and now a Middle School AP?

A: “Well this school offers a really awesome balance, I get to see the high school kids around, so it’s definitely a good way to ween in. I worked at a middle school my first year teaching and it was awesome. There’s an obvious difference in maturity level which is one thing. With middle schoolers, and you’ll have to ask me this again in a couple of weeks, there seems to be more of an opportunity to teach younger kids newer behaviors. Being able to keep a kid from doing something like fidgeting with their hands is a lot easier to help change when they’re twelve, compared to a senior of junior [in high school] who’s been doing it for seventeen, eighteen years.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about high school journalism programs?

A: “Well, you’re all very scary. I’ve been an assistant principal for thirteen years, so I’ve been in Ohio, Massachusetts, South Carolina and here, so I’ve seen all kinds of kids but you’re all the same no matter where I go. [referring to the members of the journalism program] You’re very intense and very thorough. You’re very driven. To think that you’re working at six or seven o’clock every night, it’s crazy to see that type of passion, but it’s funny because it translates throughout the country; I think It’s awesome.”


Q: Has being at a newly-opened school been at all intimidating for you?

A: “Yeah, there’s always a sense of butterflies that you get when you have to work with new people and new things. But I’ve had so many people say how amazing the kids, teachers, and staff are here, so that makes it a little less, and at the same time more intimidating coming in here and being like ‘everyone is awesome! I need to be as awesome as everyone else!’ In that way, it is just a little bit scary for me.”


Q: What has been your favorite part of being at Cypress Creek its’ inaugural year?

A: “I think the best part, that I’ve seen is the fact that because everyone is new, you’ve had a chance to develop your own message for the school. What YOU guys want it to look like. It’s fantastic, because going to schools that have been around for a very long time, you have people who have been there a while, and so they do the same things and don’t have much of a change. In this case, you have everyone here that came together, developed their own mission, and you all had the opportunity to design how you wanted the school to work. As a result of that, you guys have an awesome climate, everyone here seems so welcoming, friendly, and on top of things, which is just one benefit of working here.”


Getting to know Ms. Macri was enjoyable for all of the students involved in the interview. Being some of the first students to get to know her on a personal level was almost humbling, due to how passionate she is. Having her come into a position that needed to be filled by someone great has surely been done. Ms. Macri is a fun to be around and just adds to the long list of staff at our school that are devoted and committed to the well being of students. Ms. Macri, like many of the other vice principals and administrators, walks around during lunches, so don’t hesitate to try and get to know her. Before the end of the year, there will be a follow-up article to this one, regarding how she has adapted to her new role, and how she’s gotten to know all of us as Coyotes.