I am a traveler of time

Manahil Wajid, Reporter

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I am a traveler of time.

Who has halted to wait,

To see this hell

Where humanity is asleep

Wearing a blanket of insensitivity.

Where everyone is waiting for a savior, a leader.

I look at this world in astonishment.

At these stone cold people,

Who don’t think!

Who don’t perceive!

Who doesn’t fight for themselves!

Why would anyone fight for them?

Why has this place changed so much?

I cannot see the gentle shadow that once existed.

Where people weren’t tied using the ropes of apathy.

I cannot fathom another moment,

 Where humanity continues to sleep in the warm embrace of indifference

I am a traveler of time

Who is compelled to leave such a time soon.

For a time that is beatific and rapturous.