Where can we find our safe haven?

Manahil Wajid, Reporter

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The haunting melody
Of the blood-curdling screams of these children
Who are running for their lives echo in my ears.

Those bloodshot eyes,
That watch their friends
Drift faraway from the light of life.
Resurface in my dreams and surround me.

Their questioning gazes ask you:
Who has made our abode so murderous?
Can anyone answer me?
Where should we go?
Where can we find our safe haven?

Aren’t you like those birds.
Who built their offspring a sheltered nest.
Who in this game of survival,
Risk their lives to save their child.
From every oppressor.
From every oppression.

So, why are we like this?
Alone and scared.
Why are our screams echoing in every part of the world?
Why are our protectors wrapped up in bitterness?
On the young lives,
Who are unable to save themselves.

Wouldn’t it be easier,
If we’d known how to save a life.
To have known the devils of this game.
To survive.
To have run away from this murderous abode.
To find a safe haven.
To break free from the binding chains of oppression.

Can anyone tell us where to go?
Can anyone find us our safe haven?
Can anyone save us?
From the hands of every oppressor.
From the chains of any oppression.