A Promise of Something Much More Worse

Manahil Wajid, Reporter

I close my eyes, letting the darkness swallow me whole.
It leaves me with angst that no one can console.
The shadows lurking around leave me trembling in fear,
Suddenly, the sheer darkness and arrant silence becomes too much to bear.

A flicker of white light gives me hope
Yet, I can’t break free from darkness’ unyielding rope.
Everything seems to be astoundingly unreal

But, deep down I am aware that these are the demons I worked so hard to conceal.

My once stoic facade drops,
Revealing the hidden tears behind this mask.
I can’t seem to break free from depression’s unwavering glare;
It suffocates and chokes me, leaving me begging for air.

My eyes snap open dragging me out of this nightmare
Yet, the eerie darkness and silence reminds me of this unrelenting curse,
Which holds a promise of something much more worse.