Cassidy Middleton, Reporter

It’s my senior year of high school,

Where’s the time gone?

I look back at the old days and think how far I have come,

I reminisce on the good times,

The bad times,

The sad times.

I think about the days where I was so young,

And all the things I wanted to become.

My teenage years are going by so quick,

Right now I’m worrying about college and my future it’s making me sick.

Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for what’s to come,

I just wish time would slow down and I wasn’t already done.


I can only imagine college life being great,

My friends tell me stories and what’s not to hate.

I’m scared to fail but excited to succeed,

Let’s hope my hard work pays off and gives me everything I need.


I cherish my memories I have from the past,

Even though my high school life went by so fast.

I’m ready to start my future and start my road to success,

And I’ll keep in mind that time isn’t something to stress