A Historic Hearing

Matthew McGovern , Editor

September 27th marks a date in which a woman will testify in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee, on grounds of sexual assault, regarding a potential nominee. Christine Blasey Ford came forward accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when Kavanaugh was attending Yale University.

A large number of people, both men, and women have been quick to accuse Ford of being a liar, and only coming out with her accusations due to political beliefs.

The accusations of calling a woman, that is known to be a victim of sexual assault, is unfair, and demeaning on so many levels. From the standpoint of a male who believes that women are not to be denied equal opportunity compared to men, these accusations against Ford are simply evil.

While I, or you,  may not believe in everything that Brett Kavanaugh may stand for, I for one think that regardless of political preference, a woman should undoubtedly be allowed to express the discontent that she has had with an event that has occurred in her life, regardless of when she chooses to do so. The motivation behind why a woman chooses to speak out about an event of sexual assault shouldn’t matter. The fact that a woman, who has been scarred emotionally, and potentially physically, by no means deserves to face any sort of backlash for speaking out on the events. The publicity of Mrs. Ford’s statement’s and accusations show how women are beginning to become more comfortable with speaking out on issues that concern and entail sexual assault and domestic violence. The confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will now include statements from Ford, which may become a deciding factor in whether or not the Senate decides to confirm him or not.

Women, and men everywhere shouldn’t view Mrs. Ford’s actions as anything short of historic, and heroic, due to how she could have remained scared, and afraid of what were to happen had she come out.

The denial of sexual assault by men on so many levels, is sickening, and hopefully by events like this occurring, this country can realize one of its many flaws, and correct it. It may wind up being a slow and arduous process, but hopefully Christine Blasey Ford, and now other women, can be an inspiration to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, to speak out, and make their abusers become accountable for their horrific actions.