Mrs. Hall nominated for NNB of the year award


Matthew McGovern, Editor

The support and services school-based NNB of the year award is given out annually to employees of Pasco County Schools for their help within both the district and individual schools.

Our Principal’s Secretary here at Cypress Creek, Mrs. Hall, has been nominated for this award in 2018 on behalf of people that work at Cypress Creek, and other schools around the county. Mrs. Hall has won this award once during her time at Wesley Chapel High School.

When I sat down with Mrs. Hall, and asked specifically what she manages here at Cypress Creek she responded (jokingly) with, “What don’t I do?” She takes responsibility for almost all things that pertain to students and staff, including managing substitutes, covering for missing teachers, and overseeing everything that goes on in student services, including the clinic. She also deals with hiring, payroll, and setting the schedule for the principal on a day-to-day basis.

The outstanding management of her many duties has prompted Mrs. Hall’s peers to nominate her for this award. She is one of the only staff members eligible for the School-Based NNB award, and when asked what exactly that means she explained that, “NNB stands for non-instructional non-bargaining,” which few in school employees have the title of. “I’m a confidential secretary, that isn’t allowed to join the union. My contract is renewed annually, and I have to answer to all admin within our school.”

As stated previously, Mrs. Hall has been nominated for this award several times and won it two years ago while employed at Wesley Chapel. When I asked how she felt about yet another nomination for this award, she told me, “I’m humbled. My peers voted on that and to know that they feel the way about me that I do about them, is really nice. The people you talk to on the phone, and the people I talk to in HR I guess notice the things I do. I was honestly shocked to see that I was in the running again.”

To her peers, it is probably not as much of a shock that Mrs. Hall is nominated again, including Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles. She explained to me, “… the award is county wide so for [Mrs. Hall], to be nominated is definitely a big achievement, and we all take pride in it.”

The School-Based NNB award only selects one school secretary to be nominated each year from the whole county. So for that reason, many people around Pasco County gave her recognition for her work around the county.

After talking to Mrs. Hall, there’s no question that there is a healthy amount of pride, and humbleness that she takes in this nomination. For a second year school to have such a tremendous staff member, who exemplifies a high level of dedication and hard work, we should all be fortunate for people like Mrs. Hall. Her work helps Cypress Creek function on a day-to-day basis.

So Mrs. Hall, on behalf of the Coyote student body, and staff, congratulations! Thank you for everything you do for us, and we’re all rooting for you to have the honor of winning this award for yourself, and our school!