2018-2019 Outstanding Senior: Nicole Roof


Matthew McGovern, Editor

Every year, each high school in Pasco County selects one senior from each school, as their outstanding senior. Each school’s selection is based on who has exemplified leadership and community involvement.

Nicole Roof was chosen by her peers and staff as our school’s first ever outstanding senior.

Nicole has been involved with various clubs and activities around Cypress Creek since it opened last year, including Class of 2019, American Sign Language Club, National Honor Society, Relay For Life, and National English Honor Society.

I’ve known Nicole Personally in the time that I’ve gone to this school, and what’s on paper in terms of her accomplishments, is just scratching the surface of how great of a person she is. Her 300 service hours shows her enjoyment of community participation, but often times, Nicole goes out of her way to help teachers and students alike, with whatever they need, with no reward, or recognition. She finds it important to make herself a role model for those around her, and by doing that, has made herself into a pillar of our school community.

At first, she was shocked to find out she had been selected as the outstanding senior, saying, “ I honestly didn’t think I was going to win, but I was excited.” There was a wide range of students who were very qualified to win this award, who have participated in a plenty around school and community functions, but Nicole was in part chosen due to how she has stayed incredibly humble while achieving quite a lot throughout her high school career. “I’ve never been pushed by anyone by my parents, or anyone. I’ve had a ton of support from family, and teachers like Ms. Passardi, Mrs. Oller, Mrs. Alfonso, and Mrs. Chilcote. I’ve really just always wanted to be successful, even if nobody notices,” Nicole told me.

The thing that we spoke about lastly, was the uniqueness of the award, being that it is the first of its kind at Cypress Creek, and what it meant to her. “There were a lot of opportunities here, and the ability for me to be more involved, I think that joining clubs and other new things set me apart,” Nicole added. “I don’t think I would have won it, had I still been at Chapel.” She also came to emphasize how winning this award overtook her at a certain point, claiming that, “…it was crazy.”

Self-motivation, overcoming adversity, and an overall kind-hearted attitude/personality, are the reasons that Nicole Roof has the honor of being the first outstanding senior at Cypress Creek High School. So congratulations to you, Nicole, we all appreciate what you have, and will undoubtedly continue to do for the community through the end of, and beyond high school.