Missing Work

Tyler Warren, Reporter

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It starts with one,
After the first come a few more.
The days will start to pass by and it soon becomes a war.
Simply living life seems like it’s starting to make you sore,
But in the end, the truth may be,
You alone have caused yourself this fee.

While one war has already begun
Another will soon be to follow,
In the end, both shall cause you nothing but sorrow,
Your conscience and you are one, but two.
Fighting an un-winnable war since you deny the truth.

The war at hand is one that must be won,
For the cost of failure is much too great.
Your actions alone were the start,
Now only your actions can be the end.
Your actions now are what all shall depend.

The task may be great,
But the cost much greater.
The work you put off will not wait any later.
Once completed, the task shall reward,
After this long war, you now know that work should never be ignored.

Now the lesson has been taught,
That has been made very certain.
The time shall pass by,
Only you may decide,
Whether your life shall worsen and whether your war will return,
Or whether the tables of the war will be turned.
As well as deciding, the lesson has been learned.