Tyler Warren, Reporter

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Forget what you think or believe is ok,
Actions and words can ruin someone’s day.
Most do not know of the damage they cause,
To an audience to souls that have been lost.
When silence is present anger and sadness accompany,
A world of isolation where it’s never sunny.
Speak up, you must for the weak, you must be strong,
Being one of silence makes you just as wrong.
What you leave unsaid will remain in your head.
You end each day acting blind to what you see clearly,
Every day you witness and act the same way routinely.
You all alone can change it all,
A voice with the truth shall cause justice to befall.
The emotions and actions of many changes with you,
No matter how small the words that you speak,
They have great power that can change one’s view.
Don’t let yourself fall into a soundless world.
The cause will do nothing but hurt yourself.
The effect will cause lives to become unfurled.
Our views of the world tend to vary,
Only a few good souls will keep things from getting hairy.
We can’t always control what our emotions may be,
But we can listen to our conscience for it can foresee.
Chaos will fall upon those who disagree.
Now you should know that ignoring the evil you see,
Will cause you nothing more than numerous fees.
Advice from the few who ignored what they saw.
I hope and I hope you don’t make the same call.