School dress code is a hot topic, how do you feel about dress code?

Laila Wilson and Skylar Lindsay

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Although there are many different opinions on dress code, it is enforced for a reason. Dress code creates a more serious school setting. Dress code teaches students to respect themselves and how to present a more formal appearance when in a professional environment. Having a dress code policy prevents students, both boys, and girls, from being distracted throughout the day, and allows them to focus on what’s really important: Education.

Learning to respect yourself is very important. Students bothered by dress code have to realize that if they want to be taken seriously in life, it starts with your appearance as it the first thing a person notices and judges when first meeting you. There are certain clothing styles that should not be worn to school. Dress code is only there to better yourself and keep a nice and appropriate environment.

Students I have interviewed feel like dress code should not be a thing. One student who preferred to not be mentioned believes that the dress code is definitely more lenient towards boys than girls. She feels that they do not dress code boys as much as girls. For example, girls aren’t allowed to wear shirts that are off the shoulder, but boys don’t get in trouble for muscle top shirts. She feels that girls and boys should have the exact same dress code policy.

Gianna (10th grade) feels that dress code here at CCHMS is reasonable to a certain extent. She understands that we can’t wear things that are too explicit but feels that we should be allowed to wear things that correlate with the Florida weather such as tank tops.

It is not that teachers don’t ever dress code boys purposely, it is simply because it is not common for boys to break dress code. There aren’t many different skin showing clothing styles for men so their clothing isn’t as revealing as girls. Which is why more girls are “dress-coded” than boys. A teacher who would rather not be mentioned feels that everyone is treated the same.

Dress code is simply for teaching students to respect themselves, other people, and help keep a more professional environment. Explicit clothing can distract students which is what administrators want to stay away from. Although certain clothing should be permitted in certain cases, once you get to the “real world” there will always be a dress code in life and school is just preparing us for that.