A past at which can be forgotten…

Lauren Stallworth, Editor

Broken, Bruised –

Hated, Confused –

A past at which you can’t defend,

A past at which won’t leave your head.

You’ve tried and tried but the memories still stay,

You’ve tried and tried but you don’t think you’ll see the day,

The day of which the memories fade,

The day of which you will no longer hide what lies behind your face,

A face that has seen far, far too much

A face that believes it has far, far exceeded its luck.

The luck of forgiveness,

The luck of hope,

A luck that continues to extend its rope

Though some may say happy and content,

I still say tired and spent

To have the courage to move on is quite a struggle,

And the weight of responsibilities is quite a lot to juggle.

But is there a happy, medium place?

Is there somewhere that I can show my true face?

A face that has grown, ready to move on

A face that no longer fears the dawn,

The dawn of acceptance,

The setting of loss,

The final outcome, shedding the cold icy frost

That once wrapped my heart and spread to my head

The one that told me it would never end

The voice that is there, not silenced, but changed

A voice that I never believed could contain,

The things I have seen, the words that I have felt, those feeling that always tended to let my heart melt

Not good things – yet nonetheless gone

To a place far, far, beyond

That I will never have to see, never shed another tear

That now holds the pain I once thought had left a burning, permanent sear,

All turned to new, all risen above

All to a place that holds now nothing but love.