Cause and Effect

Tyler Warren, Reporter

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As the years of our youth go by,

It starts to seem as if the time starts to fly.

We only have a few years,
But those few years can contain some of our greatest fears.

Each of the years that we complete,

It starts to seem as if we were barely able to survive the heat.

All that we wanted was to be free,

Now that it is all over we can start to see.

What we wanted for so long has finally arrived,

In our newly become adult lives,
But is not what we expected in the years to come.

Now we all wish that the past could again once be,
That the few of us who could not see will now have to pay fees.

It was not that we were stupid or any less minded,
But it was that we were simply ignorant.

The world and mistaken tried to warn,
But the ignorance in us allowed us to be torn.

The mistaken who warned were the first,
But then continued us who made it worse.

Now we all look back on the mistakes we made,

Acting and hoping that our past mistakes will somehow fade.

But the honest truth sadly may be,

That the past never fades and neither will the fees.

We must learn here and now,

That what happens in our future is only what we allow.