A Letter From Heaven

Ashley Gutierrez, Editor

Dear Mom,
I’m sorry
I always told you to never worry
I shouldn’t have had that last drink
I didn’t think it would be pouring my life down the sink
I should’ve just called
I’m so sorry you balled
I’m so sorry you had to choose a funeral song
I wish I would have known it was wrong
A hand full of dirt upon my casket top
Is the last moment we will have together before the drop
I wish you got the chance to see me dressed in white
But no all you got is to watch me sink into the night
But please mom don’t fret
My future is now set
And what they say about heaven is true
It’s more beautiful than every hue
The light is is purer than pure
And for your sadness I wish there was cure
I’m so sorry mom
I promise I will always watch over you
I love you through and through