One night can change a life

Alexandria Monks, Reporter

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One hit

Two hits

Three hits four

I’m fine I’m fine

I can drive home


One minute

Two minutes

Three minutes four

I’m good in the car

Everyone is fine


One road

Two roads

Three roads four

Then I’m not driving

I stopped


One screams

Two screams

Three screams four

She isn’t responding

Why isn’t she responding


One shake

Two shakes

Three shakes four

I think she died

What do I do


One light

Two lights

Three lights four

I’m surrounded by cops, firetrucks, ambulances and more


One cop

Two cops

Three cops four

They have me surrounded I’m going to jail


One day

Two days

Three days four

It’s time for me to go to court


One judge

Two judge

Three judge four

Their here looking at me like I’m a monster


One tear

Two tears

Three tears four

I hear the moms broken cry’s echo the room


One whisper

Two whispers

Three whispers four

The judges decide my fate for me


One year

Two years

Three years four

The years keep stacking up


One cell

Two cells

Three cells four

I don’t think I’m home anymore


Red light

Blue light

Oh what have I done

I took a life that wasn’t mine to take


Red lights blue lights

And now many more

How stupid could I be

To take someone’s life

All because I thought I could drive