Why Music Influences Creativity

Why Music Influences Creativity

Kevin Gualberti, Reporter

Music is one way to paradise if you find your style. To find your style you need to learn what the different types of style there are. The styles of music all depend on the artist, band, genre or even the cover made of a song. For each artist or band that creates a “hit” comes the fame. Music is a way for the artist to express themselves through a way of promotion of their fame. Behind the scenes of the fame, many people think that all the lyrics are the singers. Some artist uses lyric writers (otherwise known as “Ghost Writers”) to write the lyrics to a song for them, and then the artist puts a spin on it with the musicality aspects. They can change the key, dynamics, tempo, or even the melody of the written lyrics. Each artist has their style and spin on a musical aspect to make it theirs. With hit songs it leads into new types of covers, trends, and even sometimes new faces rising to the top of the charts because of each of the spins that the artist put on it.

Artist Creations
Each artist creates their own style in each of their songs. They can follow a classic acoustical approach, synthesized, or even a fast kick/snare beat approach. All the types of styles one artist can contrast from another, creates their uniqueness and fame. For instance, Shawn Mendes has a funky string melody, yet a driving bass to keep the pulse of the song interesting (Rollingstone.com). While on the other hand, The Weeknd has a crazy upbeat contemporary style to his songs. Both can sing Falsetto, but Shawn Mendes prefers to sing in a 3rd or 4th octave vocal range (Mezzo-Soprano), while The Weeknd switches between 2nd and 3rd to high 4th and mid 5th octave vocal range (Tenor). Both are considered Pop artists, yet they both contrast on two different sides of the spectrum.

Lyrical Miracle
One of the top Pop artists of 2017, Ed Sheeran, writes most of his music. Yet one of the things he loves to do most is write lyrics for other artists. His hit song “Shape of You” was originally supposed to be sung by Rihanna. In an interview with BBC Radio 1 on a session of “Breakfast Show” Ed Sheeran revealed that he had gone into the studio with collaborators Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid to write songs for other singers. Although a singer can have a “Ghost Writer”, every singer has the ability to make the lyrics theirs, such as Justin Beiber’s song called “Love Yourself”. According to billboard.com, Ed Sheeran wrote that for him, but he added his own twist.

Trend Setting
Each song you hear on the radio, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc., creates a trend. Starting off the “Boy Band” trend was NSYNC*, Boyz II Men, and The New Kids on the Block. They began the trend all the way to One Direction, Jonas Brothers, and even BTS(K-pop). You have different people in each boy band such as the “Bad Boy Stage Presence” or the “The Heartthrob”. Each comes with a creativity they can bring to their performances, songs, or even just their fandom. Yet with all the performances and roles in the band, sometimes bands split. This could lead to a huge Solo Career. Take Nick Jonas for example, who left/broke-up the Jonas Brothers up in 2013, and had a striving solo career in the early 2010s with hit songs “Chains” and “Jealous”. Nick Jonas’s solo career was completely different to what he was doing with the Jonas Brothers, and it let his own creativity show. It led new faces to follow along with his styles, such as singers like To Love and Demi Lovato.

The creativity of each artist leads to new trends and new creations that rock our worlds as the audience. Next time you listen to a song, think of all the styles and spins the artist put on it to make it different from the rest of the songs you listen to. Each of the songs on the radio, and in your playlists, have different styles which leads to different types of creativity, that hooks you to the beat, the lyrics, or even just the melody of the song. Every artist captures your mind in different ways. Weather it’s slow heartbreak songs that can be related to, or upbeat dance melodies that you can’t get out of your mind, the creativity flows in each artist. Sometimes it flows in you. If you have something in your mind, write it down and play with it. Who knows it could be your next single!