The Mind.


Hannah Farias, Reporter

To be honest with you, I still don’t understand it, why everything happened the way it did.

But I do know that everything happens for a reason.

There’s always an underlying lesson in the end.

Maybe it’s one we’re not supposed to understand just yet.

I don’t know.

It’s kind of funny actually.


It’s true when they say to expect the unexpected.

I find myself to be very analytical and attentive to every little detail

Like the hint of green in your eyes or how you, in a good mood, could dance to anything.

But there was never any sign or emotion, I couldn’t find nuance in your actions if I wanted to.

I should’ve never brushed off the silence.

I mean how am I supposed to read a book with no words?

There’s been nothing but a storm in my mind and anxiousness in my body.

I constantly feel myself sinking and I hate it.

I question every single day why it was your life and not mine.

There hasn’t been a moment of peace since.

Fall was your favorite season wasn’t it? You always went on and on about how clean the air would get and how a cold breath of it was the best pick me up.

I knew you needed to get out more and I knew you needed some kind light in your life and I promised you there were so many beautiful things out there that I had to show you and I wish I had taken chance to because now all I have is this never ending sense of regret.

The last time we saw each other it was me, you, and the sunset. Wasn’t it beautiful?

It was beautiful, right?

Do you even remember? What that felt like?

The grass was cool and the rays were golden.

The clouds were fluffy and pink.

Everything was warm and I truly believed we were happy.

That you were at peace.

With your chest rising and falling, I remember you started to drift to sleep.

You told me you missed breathing and I think I finally understand.

But you had all the power to rise up and start all over again, but you let yourself go

you let him go.

That’s what you told me anyways, that you could take care of yourself.

Dilated eyes and a body sedated, filled with liquor, you simply let yourself go as your life began to slip away and you drowned

in thought.

And when they pumped your stomach and that breath of air you had been yearning for finally hit you, I believe that was your rebirth.

But nothing was ever the same.

You came home and there was nothing there and you ended up leaving my life just as quickly as when you became the biggest part of it.

There’s no other words to describe it but distraught.

It feels like I’m talking over a casket in my mind where you and me both lie.

Because in losing you I lost a piece of myself.

I know you lead a different life now, that you’re a different person, but I’d hope that you’re finally okay.

I ache every single night with a broken heart due to the fact that in the end, we’re just kids.

We are simply just, kids.

We are just kids, burnt and robbed of innocence.

I’d hope one day to get out of my head and let someone, anyone, know that there is more to life than the demons that haunt you.

There is more than your anxiety.

There is more than your insecurity.
There is never one single reason out there for you to take your life

Because there are thousands of sunsets to go and I’d hope for that to be enough for you to know that you’re enough.

The sun will always rise and with it brings a new chapter uniquely to you and a reminder to live your life to the fullest.

Remember to give and chase the things that make you feel free.

Know that there is someone out there who believes in you, I believe in you.

The ultimate lesson is that one day, and I’m not saying tomorrow or in a week, but one day you will wake up and know that the fight was worth it.

That breath of air will be worth it.