A chance for redemption

Lauren Stallworth, Editor

Clocks rollover
The cheers and applause heard far and wide
This time it’s special they say, a new decade
With eager ambitions and hope, the world sets out, ready to make their mark
Resolutions are spoken of, ones that we all know may never be filled
But still, the joy, the buzz of the new year brings smiles to all

Yet for you, that is not the case
All that you envision is the pain of the year
The burden of a decade
A period that felt like a lifetime, has arrived at the end
But what if it’s all the same?
What if this “new hope” is just a façade?
What if I’m the same person this year?
What if it’s the same horrible things this decade?
What if this is how things are going to be, for life?
Your fear captivates your thoughts
The unknown ever so daunting
Your thoughts run rampant

Well, my friend, fear lies
This year will be different
This decade will be one that makes you smile, even in the darkest of days
Every mistake you’ve made, can all be undone
The atrocities that this world has committed against you are no more
Things will be different, you can change
They can change
We all can grow

Your doubt, the one that keeps you up at night
It lays on more minds then you know
But courage speaks volumes, changes the world
The courage to say it will be different, that things will change
And this courage, it brings people together
Reminds you that you’re not alone

Redemption is not the same as perfection, for mistakes will be made along the way
Redemption means pouring your heart into change
And if you believe in yourself
It will be better
So light the fireworks, cue the streamers
Have a party and write your resolutions
Because at the end of the day, the power for a good year comes to lie in your hands
One that you deserve
And one that you surely will have