Photo credit: Matthew Abbott

Photo credit: Matthew Abbott

Kevin Gualberti, Reporter

Wildfires are have recently been the main subject of the news worldwide. Currently, Australia is under heavy hits of wildfire, with the Northwest region being the worst. As of January 7th, ABC News Station has accounted for around 130 wildfires in New South Wales alone, 70 of which are uncontained. Since the fires started in early September, approximately 15 million acres of land have been burned. That is more land scorched than any other wildfire occurring in the past 2 years, including the California, Amazon, and Siberian wildfires. As we have seen in the past decade, the USA is not immune to wildfires. The California wildfires in 2018-2019 burned around 2 million acres of land.

These disasters have resulted in the death of humans and animals, and the destruction of many homes and buildings leaves people and animals alike homeless or scrambling to find a new habitat.
The death tolls from both animals and humans from the Australian wildfires are extremely saddening to see. As of January 7th, over 1 billion animals have died in the wildfires, and this continues to grow. As well as the animals, there have been 24 humans counted dead and many missing, along with 1,400 homes gone. Not to mention billions of habitats have been destroyed, leaving a massive dent in Australia’s ecosystem. These death tolls are extremely devastating, yet most of the time they can be avoided. According to Kvue.com, the top reasons for wildfires are as follows:
• Burning Debris
• Cigarettes
• Arson
• Fireworks
• Lightning
• Volcanic Eruptions

Four of the six reasons listed are in our control. Our control as human beings. We throw our cigarettes without putting them out or looking for an ashtray. We dispose of our debris incorrectly and are just not being careful with our flames and fireworks. People get hurt unintentionally when others start wildfires, and innocent animals lose their lives. With each careless action comes a dreadful consequence; therefore be sure that you take care of what you are doing in a proper manner, so awful things like wildfires do not start and hurt the innocent.
To help simmer down the current state of Australia’s wildfires, Ellen DeGeneres, 61-Year-Old Host of the Ellen Show, has started a gofundme.com page, hoping to reach a goal of 5 million dollars. If you want to help, please click the link below to send crucial help to Australia.

Donation Page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ellenaustraliafund
Anything from 1 dollar to 10 dollars will help. Pitching in to help save Australia from any more harm is something easy we can do to protect lives, as well as the ecosystem from getting hurt any further. Join the fight against the wildfires, and save the planet you live on!