Looking Ahead

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Hannah Farias, Reporter

Looking back at the year, what did you accomplish? Were you able to work towards the goals you may have set for yourself in the beginning? Or did you, like many, completely desert your resolutions? The new year gives you the opportunity to reflect on everything that happened and everything that you went through this year, and hope for the future. Assessing what needs to be worked on or areas, where you need growth, should come first, as well as acknowledging your successes.

If your 2019 was successful, then now is the time to work on how you can push yourself even further. It’s crucial that you take control of what is needed because time really does fly. Taking initiative and reflecting on both the negatives and positives is the key to growth. You need to weigh in on some of the negatives if your intention in 2020 is to move on from the downsides too; after all, denial will only hurt you more. What were some of the setbacks? Was there anything that brought down your self-esteem? In moving towards the new year, here are some things to keep in mind for a positive 2020:

Maintain a schedule
Don’t procrastinate
Remember to not to judge yourself, but give constructive criticism
Regulate your sleep cycle
Stay productive
Make time for yourself and the things you love
Respect your emotions, don’t ignore them either
Always remember to put your heart first and take care of yourself

Something else to take into consideration is self-awareness. You need to know yourself and know what you need to work on in order for everything to be successful in the end. Believe in yourself, and believe in all the beautiful things this year has in store for you. You’re the only person who can keep yourself going, the only person who can keep you at peace. You have to keep yourself in check, and you need to give yourself reminders. You are the only one who can keep yourself motivated to keep on growing and going uphill.

When it comes to the negativities of the year behind you, what can you do to improve on them? There are some things we can’t change and although difficult to accept, we can only learn to move on. Personally, I have heard from a lot of people that 2019 just wasn’t their year, and that’s okay. Perception of age is key and it is common for high school students to lose sight of that. The obstacles you faced in the year behind you can’t begin to compare to what the next five years of your life have in store. Case in point, the responsibilities that you had in the 6th grade probably don’t amount to what you’re going up against now. So why hold yourself back? Better yet – why hold on? Although it is true that acting on something is far more complex than just saying it, knowing what you need to do can be the first step in taking the initiative to live a content and happy life. Acknowledging that you were in a bad place, a hole you felt like you couldn’t get out of, and then understanding that life gets difficult and that you do have a way out is crucial to getting where you need to be; a place of happiness within yourself.

For those who lived 2019 to the fullest, what can you do to further your accomplishments? For example, say you have a sapling that you planted at the beginning of one year, and by the end, it’s already sprouted and began to grow. Now that the new year has started, what do you expect from your tree? Do you expect it to stay how it is or to grow taller, with branches and leaves? You expect it to keep on growing, right? That’s how you need to perceive your life. It’s very important to understand that there’s always more. You have the ability to achieve your goals and everything you could ever want for yourself if you put your mind to it and believe that you can do great things and get yourself where you want to be. Don’t settle for less or with what you think you can’t have. Assess the good and the bad, and then make the decision on what you need to do so that you can make a difference, and grow in the areas that you felt you lacked. When you can envision your hopes and dreams they will manifest themselves right in front of you, you just have to believe in it.

All in all, the best thing for you to do is keep your head up; the future is uncertain, and with its uncertainty, you have the power to face it with a clear mind. Be open to new opportunities and open-minded when things don’t go your way. Do not beat yourself up over bumps in the road either; they have nothing to do with your potential. Let this year be the best it can be.