I am Poem

Isabella Andres

I am the deepest navy from the Aegean, stormy and complex,
I am the splash of water, that drops on your painting,
I am the dance, the spontaneous expression of a young lady, alone, in her own time,
I was the last breath of an empty bottle,
I was the ferocious hyena, laughing as I devour my innocent prey,
I was the symphony that orchestrated the boring routine of country dances,
I will be nineteen, standing on the edge of 20,
I will be abandoned, rusting on the side of the road, but still shining my blues, and sparkling,
I will be the Ottoman, supporting the nauseating feet of my superiors,
I want to be blackened linguini, enjoyable, but different,
I want to be a trombone, the jazz section surrounding me,
I want to be a field of grain, free to grow independently and without fear,
I used to be clay, always sculpted by others,
I used to be a baobab, low-lying and upside-down.
I used to be a failure, and some days I still am,
Now, I and Alone will be friends, until the edge of time.