Not Today

Shyanne Lagundo, Writer

I didn’t expect my life to end like this
Not today, not like this
I haven’t even had my first car, my first date, or my first kiss
Why did this have to happen to me
I still remember the pain thrusting through my head
As the car flipped and the roof smashed
And I slowly started the process of becoming ice cold dead
For I could not cry out for the pain was too much
It hurts terribly, especially to the touch
My neck begins to hurt as I look over and see my friend in the driver’s seat
The sharp piece of metal stuck in his side
Made me cry as I began to say goodbye
Is this really the last time I’m going to spend
With my most beloved, most true friend
My sister in the backseat oozing out blood on the side of her face
Desperately trying to gasp for air
This was not fair
The pain throbbing in my head
The shards of metal in my friend’s side
The blood gushing down my sister’s face
The question that remains now is why
This is going through my head as I’m about to cry
What a disgrace
We could have had our seatbelts on
And woke up the next day with a yawn
We could have survived
And gotten home alive
We could have lived to see another day
And it wouldn’t have ended this way