Editor Spotlight: Elijah Coley


Kevin Gualberti, writer

Next up, the second editor in this spotlight series, Elijah Coley. Elijah is in his Junior year at Cypress Creek, and he loves every second of his journalism career. He is the Yearbook Photography Editor. He oversees everything photography in the yearbook. He goes through every page and every photo to see if it is high quality to fully represent students and staff. If you ever meet Elijah, you will quickly realize he can be one of the most down-to-earth and caring guys you will ever meet. Elijah can make a bad day great again in a conversation you have with him. No matter how you are towards him, he will give you a smile and show you respect. With this series, I have asked Elijah a series of questions about his role as editor, and here is what he had to say:

How did you start your journey as an editor?

Without knowing what his future held for him, Elijah decided to join journalism in his Sophomore year of high school. He joined the Yearbook class and quickly found his passion for photography. He always had a knack for good photography and Yearbook gave him the boost to enhance his skills.

What made you take up the position as an editor?

The opportunity to become an editor was a new door for Elijah he knew he had to take. He wanted to become an editor after realizing how much he loved making the yearbook. With his newfound passion and his skills in photography, he knew he was the perfect candidate for the position and has been grateful ever since.

Why should people join Journalism?

Elijah stated that people should join Journalism because it gives a creative outlet that many students need. Journalism has something for everyone, from photography to design, even to writing, it gives them a place to be creative in a way that isn’t like a traditional art class. Combining all these skills, it allows students to bounce off each other’s strengths which builds a cohesive team and creates long-lasting friendships. Journalism allows students to gain many life skills, such as time management and organization, and leadership opportunities that can help them later in life.

What is your favorite thing about being an editor?

“My favorite thing about being an Editor is that I am able to teach students the many things they need to know about building a yearbook and I can help them discover their possible love for photography, design, or creative writing.”

What have you learned from being an editor?

Coley has learned basic life skills such as organizations and time management. As yearbook editor, you must be on top of deadlines and manage getting everything into shape before said deadline. On top of basic life skills, Elijah has learned to be more punctual throughout his time as editor. He has gained a more creative mindset seeing many angles and ideas that have been bounced from student to student and from a higher understanding of design skillsets.

What do you think should be a requirement for upcoming editors?

“Future Editors should know basic InDesign and Photoshop skills. They should be able to make a page start to finish without having trouble. Their skills will be improved in their new editor positions and they will learn more things about inDesign and Photoshop.”

If you could improve one thing about Journalism, what would it be?

Elijah believes the Journalism department should create an application process so it can minimize the number of people that are not engaged and enthusiastic about Journalism.

What is one quote that you have been told about your role that will stick with you forever?

“You make these memories that last forever.”