Editor Spotlight: Katie Ortega


Kevin Gualberti, writer

Onto round 3! We have Katie Ortega. She is a Junior in high school and the Design Editor for the yearbook. She is responsible for creating the layouts of pages, editing pictures and details, as well as helping guide the creation of the yearbook through her creativity. She gains a sense of family and belonging while she is in the role of editor. She feels like her voice is being heard. Katie has been a big part of the yearbook since she has joined journalism, and everyone is happy she is a part of the journalism family. Along with the other editors, Katie has answered a series of questions about her role as editor. This is her voice being shared with you:

How did you start your journey as an editor?

Katie’s journey in Journalism started in August of 2017 after Cypress Creek was first built. She decided that taking yearbook was going to be one of the best things about going to a new school and being away from all her old friends. As soon as she got her schedule and it said yearbook, she was beyond ecstatic. After her first day in that class, she knew it was HER class and she would be there for the next four years of her high school career.

What made you take up the position as an editor?

She took the position to be Design Editor at the end of her sophomore year, her second year of yearbook. After that year, she showed interest in being an editor and worked towards showing what she was truly capable of. She never wanted the position for the title, but to be a role model so other kids have someone to look up to when they start yearbook.

Why should people join Journalism?

Katie values that people should join Journalism because it has opportunities to allow them to be who THEY want. As a freshman, she joined Journalism to be a part of a group that was going to have a creative output for everyone. Now as a junior, she is a part of Journalism because she gets to be herself, make new long-lasting friendships, and she gets to tell a story that will forever be a part of CCMHS’ history.

What is your favorite thing about being an editor?

Katie’s favorite thing about being an editor is that she is responsible for her work and the yearbook’s outcome. She has loved helping the yearbook become something more than a book, but a legacy that will never be forgotten.